Our food options at the Festival follow our aim of supporting local community groups and showcasing organisations and businesses that operate on or near the canal, year-round.

You can find snacks, drinks and other food choices at a number of the stalls or social enterprise operations who are attending the festival and we have also provided a list of cafes that are either at or near to the Canal Festival zones.

Please do visit our local businesses, who all help to make our local area a vibrant place – you might even find a new favourite cafe!

  1. EUCS opposite Ashley Terrace Boathouse
  2. Outta Space Pizza van at Harrison Park
  3. 19th Pentland Scouts stall
  4. Dishoom (drinks)
  5. St Michael’s community stall
  6. Momo Churros at Fountainbridge Green
  7. Boroughmuir High School student-run stall
  8. The Grove Community Garden site
  9. NKS Asian Food, community stall
  10. Four Square community stall
  1. Terrace Cafe (8:30am–4:30pm) 
  2. Polwarth Church pop-up café (12-5pm)
  3. Café 48, North Merchiston Club (9am–3pm)
  4. The Fountain bar (10am-1am)
  5. Kafe Kweer (8:30am-5pm)
  6. Coffeat (8am-5pm)
  7. Holy Cow (10am-5pm)
  8. Hanks Sandwich Bar (8am-2pm)
  9. Coffee Cave (8:30am–3pm) 
  10. Towpath Café (10am-4:30pm)
  11. Loudons Café (8am – 4pm)
  12. Hula Juice Bar (8am–3pm)