The good people of Edinburgh are industriously hatching engineering masterpieces in their well-organised workshops. Or not. They might procrastinate until Friday the 14th.

Either way, 24 teams will show off their floating masterpiece and their paddling prowess. Heats of 4 will decide the finalists, who'll race for the all-important 1st position, and the almost-as-important plate final.

Other, often more sought-after, prizes include Daftest Raft (previously won by a stag party in a bridal car, a hamster wheel and a silver-maned sheriff's horse), Most Recyclable Craft (hand carved toilet seat) and Fanciest Float.

Community run and not-for-profit, the event has a focus on making use of unlikely re-used materials. Have a look at at some photos, read the rules, fill out an entry form and start building.

To enter, fill in this form, or for more information email:

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